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Funding for Omeo

For the past 8 years, I have been an avid user of Xero and all systems connecting to Xero, in my Bookkeeping and Mentoring business, Klox Ltd

I have added 34 new clients to Xero and am a Gold partner. I continue to add to my Xero knowledge through the webinars and am excited to show my clients the new features that can assist their businesses.

The mission of my business is to compassionately support the owners of small businesses to build a solid foundation, that will enable them to reach their goals. People matter to me, as it does to Xero.

My approach is to build a relationship of trust and collaboration, ensuring I add value to the individual and their business.

However, my wellbeing is suffering due my personal health circumstances. I have problems with walking, chronic fatigue and cognitive impairment which hinders me from giving my full attention to my business.

To improve my wellbeing, continue my business and support other small businesses, I require an Omeo wheelchair which would allow me to preserve my energy and maximise my independence for longer. Being able to meet clients outside of my house, go to networking meetings and getting some exercise in the fresh air will improve my wellbeing, from a mental, emotional and physical standpoint and allow me to continue the work I love to do. 

My Story

My name is Linda Klok, a wife and mother with 2 teenage daughters as well as a business owner. I am writing to be considered for funding to enable the purchase of an Omeo (mobile chair).

Originally from South Africa, we moved to New Zealand with a bright future in mind in 2006. In 2007, I started to experience difficulty with walking. In 2015, I started my own business Klox Business Solutions to support small - medium businesses with business coaching and bookkeeping services. A year after I started my business I started to experience double vision. In June 2016, at the age of 40, I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS. 

At this stage of the MS journey, patients have relapses of MS and periods of stability in-between relapses. When a patient has had a relapse there is a possibility of regaining some of the strength they have lost. As an active, busy person my whole life, I was able to gain some of my strength back after each relapse, however these attacks have left lesions on my brain and bigger ones on my spine. 

These lesions have mainly affected the left side of my body, and over the last 2 years my walking ability has steadily declined. This means I am moving closer towards Secondary Progressive MS, where my symptoms steadily get even worse. I am now at the stage where I struggle walking without the assistance of my walking stick and also struggle to type with my left hand.

MS affects my Personal and Professional life

As a mother I am missing out on quality family time with my two daughters and husband, especially those special moments in life such as activities for birthdays. I would love to enjoy a walk or picnic on the beach with my family.

As a business coach my passion is to see others succeed in their business. I also apply my skills to assist my wider community to reach their full potential. I am involved in the Selwyn and Lincoln Business Communities and am on the Board of Trustees for the CDN Trust where we work with young people throughout Christchurch. I am also part of the Selwyn Time Bank and am regularly a guest speaker at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa on business matters. I am an official supplier and partner of Upstream NZ which focuses on supporting young people in Aotearoa. 

Please refer to the reference letters attached showing my contribution to these and other organisations in my community. Unfortunately, with my declining abilities and increasing fatigue, I am limited to what I can continue doing at this stage.

Omeo Technology

Although the Omeogives the impression of a wheelchair, it is so much more: a combination of a wheelchair and mobility scooter. However, not only will the Omeo help me to be more mobile, but it also provides important core muscles work for overall strength and stimulates the mind. The Omeo is based on Segway Technology. This would allow me to preserve my energy and maximise my independence for longer.

The Active Seat Control will allow me to use my core to control movement. This core control gives the experience and sensation of balanced-based, hands-free movement. This also means that I will maintain my strength for longer because I will be using my body to move as opposed to passively sitting in a wheelchair. When friends join us for dinner, I often need to ask them to leave by 7.30pm as my body is getting tired by that time. The Omeo will allow me to preserve my energy, enabling me to spend my energy on being with friends and family.

Omeo will give me back some quality time with friends and family by giving me the ability to not only move around in my own home or in public, but I will also be able to venture on all walking terrains such as my garden, sidewalks, forest walks and trails and on the beach. There have been times when I have had to wait in the car while my family walks on the beach as I am too tired to walk more than a few metres. My daughter, Nika, changed her birthday plans of wanting to go for a trail walk because she knew I could not participate. This broke my heart as a mother.

I will also be able to reach out to my community in a personal and a business capacity as I will have more independence and energy. Please have a look at the versatility of the Omeo on this YouTube video - The Ultimate Machine

What is still needed

The Omeo, including a hoist and some minor house renovations will cost around NZ$37,000 (see the quote attached for the Omeo). 

I have already managed to raise NZ$27,000 through a Give-a-Little page, donations from friends, family and some anonymous individuals, but still require NZD$9,000 to reach my goal. 

I would appreciate your consideration of a sponsorship or a donation from Xero to contribute to my campaign to remain active, both professionally and personally.

Thank you for your consideration.


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