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Success Stories

A client in the medical professional used lockdown to focus on how to simplify his business, with some assistance from us. He has identified the areas where he needs more staff, which areas can be automated and sorted out staffing issues that he did not have the time to work on previously.

He also used the time during lockdown to spend with his young family – precious time with his newborn.


Another client approached us and wanted to prepare his business for sale due to retirement, in February 2020. In post-lockdown time he has received serious interest in his business, having been prepared for the moment as soon as lockdown was over. 

Just before lockdown this client had a very special trip overseas and could come back knowing a plan is in place for his retirement.

At Klox Business Solutions we are SUPER proud of each of these accomplishments of our clients! We are also very happy that these clients could take time off and build on personal relationships during lockdown time. We hope that a better work-life balance will be the future of each of these individuals. 

A client in the Hospitality industry was able to turn over $20,000 more in June 2020 than last year, while working fewer hours overall. He accomplished this with your Business Continuity Plan template where we looked for areas of savings, amongst other things. For example, we looked at the opening hours and which periods were profitable. The business decided to focus its efforts on periods that were profitable. He also worked on a Cash Flow forecast and together we did an Organisational Review during the lockdown. He also re-negotiates contract to make payments easier on his cash flow. 

During the lockdown our client also focused on completing work on 2 chalets that are now open as a Bed ‘n Breakfast - an additional income stream for the family.

When the pandemic hit, a client who had started a catering business in late 2019 thought that that equated to the devastation of her business. However, during the lockdown, she was able to create a new website, we assisted her in completing a Business Continuity Plan and she was able to generate $10,000 for June 2020 with online sales and wholesale clients. She had initially focused on the tourism industry but was able to expand her business to include vegetarian shops in the whole of New Zealand.

During the lockdown we had weekly phone calls that kept her on track with her plan to grow her business. She had the time to test new products and establish marketing strategies.

A client in the Trades turned a profit of $15,000 in June 2020. This was achieved by him completing a Cash Flow Forecast and Business Continuity Plan. A change in staff allowed the client and us the opportunity to restructure and streamline the work so that existing workers were able to take on the additional work. The client is now booked for the month ahead. In Stage 2 of the lockdown we assisted the business by calling existing clients to ask about their well being and offer a discounted service. This created immediate work after lockdown.

This business owner took the time to spend with their young family in lockdown and build precious memories with their young daughter.


"I’ve known Linda Klok for over two years and during this time she provided me with exceptional advice and more importantly encouragement in my start-up business.

Her general bookkeeping knowledge and XERO skills are a great asset for her clients because she provides a realistic perspective in a very personable manner.

She has guided and held me accountable and tackles challenges with a gracious heart and an inspiring attitude.  She’s a real treasure to have to support you. 

I highly recommend Linda and proudly support her business endeavours. 

Ric Fletcher

Director | Business Growth Strategists

(September 2021  - current)

I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to cross paths with Linda when she was a guest speaker at the small business course I was attending. Linda immediately struck me as a person of great integrity, who truly wants you and your business to succeed. Linda is an expert at using accounting software, but isn't just crunching the numbers with you. Linda has been a patient, and supportive teacher for me as I navigate accountancy as a first-time business owner. I would encourage any business owner -  from beginner to experienced - to work with her, as she is worth her weight in gold.

Darlene Heard

Director for Grumpy Bunny
@grumpybunnynz - Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

(Feb 2021 - current)

"I first met Linda in early 2018 when I needed help with my new start-up company. I was impressed with her very professional approach, breadth of knowledge and experience in not only bookkeeping but also marketing and the growth of businesses. Needless to say, I engaged Linda’s service immediately and she has been keeping my books and assisting me with the development of my business ever since.

In the subsequent years, Linda has been invaluable in the development of my company. She has provided professional service in an efficient and timely manner not just with bookkeeping but also with networking and referrals linking me in with other support people and sales referrals.

However, of greatest importance and value to me has been her encouragement and genuine desire and efforts to see my business grow and prosper. Linda has mentored me and helped me grow personally as I have dealt with the challenges of a career change in the business world.

Linda has often gone beyond the call of duty to give me additional assistance in business matters, even to the point of supporting me by attending Expos and fairs with me, often at the cost of her personal time and physical well-being.

Over the years Linda has become a valued asset to my business and a personal friend. I would highly recommend her to assist with any level of bookkeeping and business mentoring needed."

Tibor Toth

Managing Director | O2Water Limited

(September 2021 - current)

"WOW! Linda's knowledge and experience is priceless. I was introduced to Linda through her connections at UpstreamNZ and I can vouch for the fact that UpstreamNZ chose a winning supplier here. I needed guidance and business coaching during uncertain economic times and Linda's drive to get a winning result for her client was evident from the very start. Linda tells it how it is and I can't thank her enough. I highly recommend Linda at Klox Business Solutions to any business wanting to grow. I am so grateful to have met Linda and look forward to a long-lasting relationship with her at Klox Business Solutions."

Jaques Giliomee

Assessing Director | Disa Solutions Ltd

(June 2020)

“It took a pandemic to make the decision, but we saw completing an Organisation Review as an attempt to reset the clock for the business and ‘restart’ from an optimal position. The Organisational Review session with Linda gave us a much clearer view of employee positions in our organisation and the positions we as Owners fill within it. We now have a better understanding of what is required to manage the business in terms of staff management, training & upskilling. By completing the Organisation Review we have created more structure for the business, clarified our roles as Owners and where current or future staff roles fit in, and we have learnt how to apply the methods taught. We would highly recommend doing a Review for your business with Linda because it will give you the opportunity to optimise your roles and design them around what is ideal for the business and not the individual.”

Jason & Natasja Hill

Coopers Catch & The Jailhouse, Kaikoura 

(April 2018 - current)

Linda and Klox Business Solutions are a real asset to our company. Linda's hard work, initiative and business knowledge helps me to free up my time to concentrate on running the business properly. I can take my time talking to customers face to face when scoping and running jobs. And the best thing is I can get on the tools more often. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for a wide range of bookkeeping, admin tasks, health and safety, advertising and business development. She is very good at finding new systems to suit and will customize anything. Linda helps our team and business run much more efficiently. Very thorough, trustworthy and honest. A pleasure to work with.

Sam Moody

Director and Certifying Plumber | Moods Plumbing Ltd 

(June 2014 - current)

Linda has been a God sent for my wife and me. Especially for myself, a first-time business owner taking over a business that needed a lot of working doing, fixing up the business structure to help the operations run much more smoothly and efficiently up to date with today's standards. Linda has provided immense help, support and coaching. We can't thank her enough from the bottom of our hearts. Linda is the most friendliest, kind and immensely patient and understanding person and professional I've come across. Her professional advice and services, in conjunction with her personal experiences, help guide you to building your own business, exactly the way you'd like it to ultimately improve your quality of life.
Linda's highly professional services are most highly recommended.

Thomas Gu

Director | Craftsman Dentures Limited 

(Nov 2018 - current)

Linda Klok has been a regular guest speaker to my business courses over recent years. Linda is very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics from bookkeeping through to social media and she generously gives her time and shares her expertise with my students.

Linda communicates at a level that my students, who are involved in business start-ups, can relate to and understand. Some of my class have no experience in business, Linda does well to demystify the bookkeeping element of business, which can be daunting for some. The topics she covers are debtor management, Xero and other accounting software, and record keeping. Linda provides these services for clients of her own business, so is the perfect person to talk to my classes and she has excellent real-life examples. She is always well-prepared and continually researches and updates her presentation to include the latest applications and regulations.

Linda kindly offers a free follow up for students who have attended the presentation. Those who have taken her up on the offer are full of praise for her assistance and advice. Her presentations are very well received by the classes who enjoy her presentation style.

I would highly recommend Linda as both a presenter and as a bookkeeper, she is a credit to her profession.

Julie Falls-Anderson 

Te Wananga o Aotearoa 

(2014 - current)

Linda is very dedicated to every task she undertakes. 
A keen eye for detail and super organisational skills.

Heilene Daem

Owner | Dynamic Worx Ltd
(2013 - 2014 in New Zealand)


"I met Linda through my business partner, who had known her from a previous employer they had in common. When we were planning to start the business I realised we'd need help to set it up and run it. 

From the first meeting with Linda we have learned so much and her knowledge and experience saved us a lot of time and bad experiences. I'm sure any business, big or small, would benefit from her services."

Yuri Gomes 

Director | MC3 Roofing

(September 2021 - Current)

Hiring Linda's services was one of the smartest business decisions we have made at H2OFF Ltd when we started the business. She is efficient, effective, knowledgeable, dependable, organised, down-to-earth, friendly and practical. Everything you would want from a bookkeeper.
Our business is expanding all the time and Linda always gracefully handles any new task that is presented to her. We couldn't be happier with Linda and to top it all off our list of outstanding debtors has dropped dramatically as well, thanks to Linda's skills and determination.
We recommend Linda as a true professional with the experience to handle any situation from the simplest bookkeeping to preparing books for accountants' use or auditing.
We are forever grateful that she was recommended to us.

Bob Viana

Former Director | H2Off Limited 

(2014 - 2019)

I often refer Linda to my new clients who require Xero training, help with PAYE/Payroll systems or general bookkeeping assistance. 
The feedback I receive from my clients is that Linda is punctual, has a keen eye for detail, and is very good at explaining the processes around business administration.
I will continue to refer Linda & look forward to working with her more in the future for the mutual benefit of our clients.

Sam Cherry

Former Christchurch Regional Partner | Rightway Limited 

Linda has been supporting my bookkeeping career from my day 1. She laid down a rail to get the necessary knowledge to start my bookkeeping business, such as taking a course at Career Academy. Once I was ready to start my business, she was always behind me and generously spent her time anytime I needed her support or advice. Her advice is always clear, accurate and simple. I deeply appreciate what she has been doing for me. My business could not grow without her contribution.

Asami Wisjuery

Director | DAP Business Solutions Ltd 

(2017 to current)

I am the Principal of Accountantz Ltd & Resolve Tax Ltd, where we get our clients out of financial trouble and keep them out of trouble. We are Accountants specialising in negotiating tax debt arrears and often in this work we encounter business owners with poorly maintained financial records, among other issues. Linda has worked with some of our clients in getting their books back in order and working closely with us to get the best solution for our clients. She is a very detailed orientated person who always asks more questions than most people, as she likes to learn and to be accurate in her job. Even though I know several capable bookkeepers, Linda is the first I would ask, especially for the more difficult situations where more than just a bookkeeper is needed because of her broad range of skills and capabilities.

Antony White

Principle | Accountantz Ltd 

(1995 - current)

Linda is a delightful and most capable person to work with. My "Guardian Angel"
in my role as Acting President of 'Independent Citizens'.

Brian Palliser

Former President | Independent Citizens
(2012 - 2017)

Linda is exceptionally pleasant, confident, does her best and will
always go the extra mile to assist.

- Gail Beukes, Sales Consultant at Next Step Realty Ray White 

Although I have been running this and other businesses for many years and know what I should do, the use of a business mentor is perhaps more important than one realises.

This is where Linda has helped. Linda is excellent to work with, and she had wisdom and suggestions to grow my business. She is a great motivator and has provided business tools and motivation to keep me focused.

Linda has been a tremendous help in carrying out bookkeeping, admin and business coaching for my businesses EMTaC Ltd and Cellalab Ltd. An unexpected bonus has been her enthusiasm, high integrity and computer skills. My gross income had increased significantly owing to her help.

David Moore

Director | ElectroMedical Testing and Calibration Ltd 

(2014 - 2020)

We went to Linda because we had made many mistakes in the setup of our accounting system and
needed help to sort it all out. We also required someone who was an expert to train us to use it properly. Linda found and corrected all of our mistakes, and then provided brilliant training so we were able to use the system correctly and efficiently.
Linda is extremely patient, meticulous and efficient. She always follows up
and provides exceptional advice and guidance. Without reservation we recommend Linda as a first-class bookkeeper, as well as a trainer.

Rob and Angela Clarke

Directors | Learning Architects Ltd.

Linda is a person of integrity with a high work ethic and the
knowledge to implement whatever solutions the task requires.
She has a lovely manner and readily shares her knowledge with whomever
she is dealing with. I would recommend Linda unreservedly.

Lynn Montimer

Owner | Wordsmith Yaga
(2013 - current in New Zealand)

In 2013 Linda was recommended to me as someone who was very precise
and diligent, and qualified to do some translation work I required. I am
pleased to report that I am very happy with the work she has done for me.
Linda is thorough, has taken great care and has been extraordinarily
helpful in explaining to me the details of certain ambiguous passages in the
original text. Her language skills and careful attention to detail
will be valuable to anyone requiring such services, and I have no hesitation
in recommending her.

Wilfred McKeague

Magican and Blog writer
(2013 in Australia)

I've worked with Linda over the past six years and can recommend her to any organization
that requires a diligent and trustworthy person. Linda is easy to work with and takes initiative to finish a task successfully.

AJ Rossouw

Executive Committee Member | Sinzasa
(2008 - 2014 in New Zealand)

Linda is a very able salesperson, and helped market and grow a direct software sales business.
Had wonderful sales numbers and networked with a lot of different people in the business.
She was also a lead team builder. 

- Louis du Preez, CEO of KlicknKids
(2006 in South Africa)

I found Linda to be highly professional in her approach, dedicated to her tasks and with excellent attention to detail. She was always well presented and consistently impressed visitors to display stands with her performance as a front line representative. She is friendly and outgoing while maintaining a measure of reserve that creates an excellent balance when involved in promotions work. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda.

Blake Wilkins

MD | Insight Marketing Services
(2004 - 2006 in South Africa)

Soon after starting my company, Linda was employed as a Personal Assistant. Linda was always punctual and very presentable to colleagues and customers. Dealing with Government Hospitals in South Africa is not always easy, but Linda use to interact with the various hospitals, maternity units and others, in a well manner way with the utmost patience, to help us obtain the correct information for our database. 
She gave input to our marketing campaign and help with the design of brochures and other literature. Linda is goal orientated, self-driven, trustworthy and a benefit to any company.

Lavonne Prinsloo

Director | Little Miracle Products and Services
(2004 in South Africa)

Award Winner

Bookkeeping Community Contributor of the Year 2017
- awarded by NZ Bookkeepers Association Incorporate

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