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Legislation Updates

WorkSafe has recently refined its guidelines on worker engagement, participation, and representation. This is in tune with the legislative changes made earlier this year.

The changes include:

  • If a worker asks for a Health and Safety Representative, the business must initiate an election. Previously, smaller businesses in sectors that were not prescribed high-risk could decline these requests.

  • If a Health and Safety Representative, or five or more workers, ask for a Health and Safety Committee, the business must establish one. Previously, a business could refuse a request to establish a committee where the business is satisfied existing practices sufficiently meet the requirements.

The Act does not make Health and Safety Representatives or Health and Safety Committees mandatory for businesses. Businesses will only be required to initiate an election for representatives or establish a committee where workers request them.

View the good practice guidelines for worker engagement, participation and representation here.

 What's New in ThinkSafe?

 1. QR Code & Webform Data Capture:

Easily capture data using just your device's camera, thanks to our QR Code and Webform Data Capture feature. From plant inspections to hazard reporting and contractor pre-qualification, seamlessly gather all the information you need. No app access required! Enjoy the convenience and watch your data integrate directly into your ThinkSafe dashboard. Experience broader data capture like never before.

2. Introducing the App Catalogue:

Navigate through our brand-new App Catalogue. It’s stocked with forms tailored for safety, operations, timesheets, and more. Making a selection? It's as simple as a click within the ThinkSafe App, and our team gets notified and will transfer the forms across to your account.

3. Knowledge Base at Your Fingertips:

Whether you're just starting with us or have been around for a while, our online Knowledge Base is your guide to mastering the ThinkSafe platform. Check it out here.

 4. The ThinkSafe Work Plan:

Introducing the ThinkSafe Work Plan, a robust tool optimised for managing risks on short-duration jobs. It comes preloaded with hazards and controls, requiring you only to capture changes and site-specific factors. Real-time updates ensure all users stay informed of any new hazards identified. Check it out here.

We invite you to explore these new features and services.

For any assistance or further information, feel free to contact our support team.


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