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Free Webinars - HRtoolkit

HRtoolkit is offering free webinars on a variety of issues that employers face such as dealing with conflict in the workplace, and managing stress in the workplace, as well as some of the regular questions such as “Which contract should I use”. 

All the webinars are free and run for about 30 minutes with subtitles if you require them.  

 Register for the webinars:

  1. 23rd February 10am – Trial Periods V’s Probation periods – when to use which one.

  2. 22nd March 10am - Employment law update – Q&A session with Max Whitehead on the first 100 days of our new Government and what we expect of the coming months.

  3. 3rd May 10am – Which employment contract should I use?

  4. 31st May 10am – Getting your staffing mix correct – how to create flexibility within your organisation and ensure you have all the necessary skills covered.

  5. 21st June 10am – HR Policies – what you need and why it is important to enforce them.

  6. 26th July 10am – Dealing with conflict in the workplace.

  7. 30th August 10am – Identifying signs of stress in the workplace and how to manage it

  8. 27th September 10am – Virtual working arrangements, what you need to consider.

  9. 1st November 10am – The importance of great induction and on-boarding processes.

  10. 29th November 10am – Managing the festive season.


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