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Making the most of eInvoicing

What is eInvoicing and how does it benefit you?

eInvoicing is the digital exchange of invoice information directly between buyers’ and suppliers’ financial systems, even if these systems are different.

With eInvoicing, businesses no longer need to generate paper-based or PDF invoices that have to be printed, posted or emailed, and buyers no longer need to enter these manually into their financial system.

Removing manual handling of your invoices means they get to the right place (and don’t get lost) and prevents errors from happening – all helping to reduce delays in processing and payment of your invoices. It:

o   improves accuracy and security,

o   reduces processing time and

o   speeds up payments.

Because eInvoicing allows you to connect to any financial system you can connect to all buyers from your invoicing system through the open network.

It’s easy to get started if you’re using Xero

It’s easy to get set up for eInvoicing if you’re on Xero.

Simply follow their quick and easy instructions and you’re good to go. Check out their website for instructions.

Register to receive eInvoices- Xero

Sending eInvoices- Xero

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