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Making the most of your NZBN as a small business

NZBN is where you take control of your business information. Your NZBN is linked to the primary business data that businesses are most often asked to share with other businesses and government agencies they work with.

Business Insights - Benefits of updating your NZBN

Keep your core business information up-to-date

Your core business information, or primary business data, is a valuable business asset, and it’s important you keep it up-to-date. This ensures that other businesses you deal with have the information they need to do business with you. Make the NZBN Register your first stop when something changes, because the organisations you deal with most often rely on your details being accurate.

Imagine you’ve placed purchase orders with a number of suppliers, and then you move premises. Updating your address on the NZBN Register means that your suppliers will be notified about the change if they are using the NZBN watchlist feature.

Let’s get the NZBN working for you by making sure all of your information is correct. Here's what to do if:

Make your core business information sharable

The more core business information that you make publicly available, the easier it is for other businesses to connect with you, the better your NZBN can work for you, and the less work you’ll have to do to keep everyone informed.

If your trading name is publicly available, another business can verify that yours is the organisation they were intending to deal with. If you make your phone number publicly available, then people will know how to contact you to buy your products or services.

Here's how small business doesn't have to go it alone

Ways to stay up to date with NZBN

The NZBN provides a number of automated free services to help stay up to date:

Ready to go?

Many businesses have already applied for an NZBN. Start by checking to see if you already have one. Then Log in to MyNZBN to check if your core information is up to date and shareable.

Log in to MyNZBN

If you don’t have an NZBN, you can apply to get one free of charge. 

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