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Will a 4 day week work in your Trade Business?

Picture mastering a 4-day workweek in your flourishing trade business? Michael Chaplin of Tweed Electrical is making this vision a reality. His secret? Streamlined systems and valuing life beyond work.

In an article by Tradify, they delve into the game-changing potential of the 4-day workweek in the trade sector. They share a success story of a landscape business that unveils how this shift can elevate your business.

  • Attain improved work-life equilibrium

  • Amplify employee well-being and efficiency

  • Cultivate a positive work atmosphere

  • Enhance client rapport through transparent dialogue

As your financial ally, we're excited to share strategies that elevate both your business and personal life. Immerse yourself in the full article now and embrace the possibilities of a more balanced work life.

And get in touch, our team can also work with you to do a cost-benefit analysis of what a four-day workweek might look like for your business.


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