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Klox Limited t/a Klox Business Solutions – a Christchurch-based company providing clients with tried-and-trusted, effective solutions in the areas of administration, bookkeeping, cash-flow management, health and safety documentation, following up on quotes and financial reporting. 

We believe in practical business coaching to develop you in person alongside your business. Your business is your vehicle to generate money. Business coaching should also include the well-being on the people working in the business. Are you looked after?

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What makes us different?

Award Winner

Bookkeeping Community Contributor of the Year 2017 - awarded by NZ Bookkeepers Association Incorporate

Business Services

At Klox Limited we tailor-made our packages for each client, because you are different.
When we meet with you the first time, we will have a checklist with us to go though to see which of our range of services will be the best fit for your business. 

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You will win back your time when we take care of the administrative tasks of your business


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